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At the beginning of 2018, starting from the high level of Hongmeng, I learned the philosophy of Inamori, and gradually spread it to all employees to realize the philosophy together. The company will use Inamori's philosophy of "King of Heaven and Love", "Being a Human, What is Right", "Six Progressive", "Successful Formula", etc. as a guiding ideology, through daily morning reading, online learning sharing, monthly reading sharing session Regularly participate in the activities of Shengheyu, and carry out training to share the results of their respective implementation to all members, and gradually infiltrate the core concepts of Inamori philosophy into the thinking style, values and behavior habits of each employee. In the business operation, the company follows the principle of accounting seven, promotes the amoeba, turns all employees into operators, participates in the company's operations, and strengthens the management consciousness of all employees. Through the Inamori philosophy, we will establish a happy enterprise for all Hongmeng people, and pass on the love and altruism of Hongmeng people.